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Umbrella Insurance in Cincinnati

This particular form of coverage is called "umbrella insurance" because it is carried over all other liability insurance and is used for a catastrophic loss when primary liability insurance is exhausted. It’s like putting an umbrella above a wide brimmed hat. The hat does a pretty good job at keeping your upper body dry in a rain, but an umbrella can help out a whole lot more. Umbrella insurance jumps in and covers a lot of the other things your normal policy isn’t going to take care of, specifically in the areas where liability is concerned.

Umbrella insurance policies add extra coverage to your personal liability and automobile liability policies. It is designed to cover catastrophic situatio ns where a legal award could exceed the limits of y our primary liability insurance.

For example, you find yourself at the unfortunate end of a large automobile accident where you’re held liable. There have been multiple people injured and the authorities are asking you to pay up. You turn to your insurance policy and find out that the coverage amount isn’t going to pay for the high cost of medical care. That’s when umbrella insurance can kick in to help out a bit.

That’s how it works. Once liability bills exceed your normal policy limits, you can turn to your secondary policy to help make ends meet without breaking the bank. The injured get medical attention that you can’t afford to pay for yourself.

There are many factors to consider when calculating a premium for this particular form of protection: the state in which you live, the number of liability exposures you have (cars, drivers, and boats), etc. Usually the best rates become available when the customer insures both auto and home with the same company as the umbrella. We like to give back when we can to those that put their trust in us.

Lauber & Will specialize in umbrella insurance in the Cincinnati area. We can help you get that extra layer of protection for an affordable price according to your needs. Give us a call, get a quote, or drop by our office in Cincinnati for insurance questions.

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