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Life Insurance in Cincinnati

Life insurance should be an essential part of any financial plan. Its primary purpose is to provide your loved ones with the protection needed to ease the financial burden of death.

Death comes suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s almost impossible to predict and when it happens, it’s completely irreversible. People leave behind a family they never got to say goodbye to, a mortgage they never finished paying off, and the expenses of their funeral. If they were the sole breadwinner for a family, how can the family subsist from day-to-day without that income? Even if there are two breadwinners, what kind of impact will that loss of income have on their way of life? These are frightening questions. But they do have an answer.

Life insurance steps in to help a family should the worst happen to the breadwinner. It can provide a usable sum of money to help meet your children's college expenses, help ensure a comfortable retirement for your spouse, or assist with the payment of any outstanding debt.

That means the immediate and future needs of your dependents will be taken care of, your family won’t wade under huge debt, and your spouse’s future retirement can be taken care of. That’s a comforting thought at least, especially since you can’t be sure that family will be financially able to step in and help them out. That’s why life insurance is so necessary for working adults that are providing for someone.

In addition to providing the necessary death benefit, certain policies offer income tax-deferred cash value accumulation potential, providing you with a possible funding source for future needs.

Lauber & Will can help you get into a Cincinnati life insurance plan that meets your needs. Drop by our office or give us a call to see how we can help protect your family today.

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